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Clark Family History

The youngest members of the Clark Family take nap breaks in peach boxes on the packing line. Like every generation that came before them, four-year-old Cashton and two-year-old Briggs, are growing up farming.

Pioneering a new industry for the area and starting a family legacy, James A. & Phoebe Clark planted some of the very first fruit trees in the valley on their 20 acre farm in 1897. Their fruit growing dreams preceded the Grande River Diversion Dam and Palisade's canal systems, so their earliest crops were watered with buckets hauled from the Colorado River by horse drawn wagons. They also used horse-drawn plows and discs to prepare the ground for planting, a nostalgic practice the family continues to this day. The farm has grown to include over 100 owned and leased ​acres, producing apricots, cherries, peaches, pears, plums, and vegetables. 

Seven Generations & Growing

Pictured above, left to right:

1st Generation:

James A. & Phoebe Clark

2nd Generation:

Levi A. & Hazel Clark

3rd Generation:

James A. (Jamie) & Lois Clark

3rd - 6th Generation:

Lois Clark, Larry Clark, Dennis & Staci Clark,

Mackenzie Clark, Courtney Clark

6th - 7th Generation:

Chris & Mackenzie (Clark) Schmalz, Cashton Schmalz, Briggs Schmalz

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